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Mabel Berezin


Berezin's research asks how shared cultural meanings and practices shape 1) political institutions such as the state; 2) social processes around political movements and ideologies; and 3) agents through the construction of political identities. Her methodology is primarily comparative and historical. Her current work focuses on contemporary sites of social, political and cultural change--places where political arrangements have collapsed and new institutions and identities are in the process of formation.


    Current Research Interests

    Contemporary sites of social, political, and cultural change; fringe parties in France and Italy as response to Europeanization; institution building, citizenship, and social capital in early 20th-century America and Europe; role of emotions in macrosociological systems

    Selected Publications & Presentations

    • (With Martin Schain) Europe Without Borders: Territory, Citizenship, and Identity in a Transnational Age. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press (2004).
    • "Secure States: Towards a Political Sociology of Emotion." In Sociology and Emotions. Ed. Jack Barbalet. Sociological Review Monograph, London: Basil Blackwell, 2002. Pp. 33-52.
    • "Emotion and Political Identity: Mobilizing Affection for the Polity." Passionate Politics: Emotion and Social Movements. Eds. James Jasper, Jeff Goodwin, and Francesca Polletta. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001. Pp. 83-98.
    • "The Euro is More than Money: Converting Currency, Exchanging Identity, and Selling Citizenship in Post-Maastricht Europe." Policy Newsletter 1.1, Center for Economy and Society, University of Michigan Business School, Spring 2000.
    • (With Jeffrey C. Alexander) "Democratic Culture: Ethnos and Demos in Global Perspective." Special Issue of International Sociology 14, September 1999.
    • "Democracy and Its Others in a Global Polity." International Sociology 14, September 1999. Pp. 227-43.
    • "Political Belonging: Emotion, Nation and Identity in Fascist Italy." State/Culture. Ed. George Steinmetz. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999. Pp. 355-77.
    • Making the Fascist Self: The Political Culture of Inter-War Italy. Wilder House Series in Culture, Politics and History. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1997.
    • "Politics and Culture: A Less Fissured Terrain." Annual Review of Sociology 23, August 1997. Pp. 361-83.
    • "The Dead are Equal: History Making, Moral Relativism and the Rise of the New Italian Right." Comparative Study of Social Transformation (CSST), Working Paper #109; Center for Research on Social Organization (CRSO), Working Paper #534, University of Michigan, Spring, 1996
    • "Cultural Form and Political Meaning: State Subsidized Theater, Ideology and the Language of Style in Fascist Italy." American Journal of Sociology 99, March 1994. Pp. 1237-86.
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