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Capitalism From Below

Interview Series

CSES Interview Series: Victor Nee

The Economy & Society Interview Series is a casual yet intellectually engaging conversation with leading scholars throughout the social sciences. The interview series is produced by the Center for the Study of Economy and Society (CSES) at Cornell University. In this interview, Victor Nee–Frank and Rosa Rhodes Professor in the Department of Sociology at Cornell University and the Director of the Center for the Study of Economy and Society–discusses his educational background, research trajectory, recent book and empirical findings, insights into sociology and economics, and future trends.

Harvard University Press:
Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China

Main Research Findings by Victor Nee:
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Future Research Agenda by Victor Nee:
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“Economic sociology is a science concerning itself with the interpretive understanding of social economic action and thereby with a causal explanation of its course and consequences.”— Max Weber