Erik Wengström

Professor of Economics

Erik Wengström is a Professor of Economics at Lund University and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at
Hanken School of Economics. Wengström’s research covers a wide range of topics related to how people behave in economic, financial and health contexts. He investigates how incentives, social concerns, and cognitive processes shape people’s choices and preferences. He uses experimental methods, both in the laboratory and online, as well as administrative register data to test his hypotheses and measure causal effects. He has made significant contributions to understanding risk-taking, cooperation, delegation decisions and health behaviors. Wengström has published his work in leading journals such as Science, Nature, American Economic Review, and Management Science.


  • Behavioral economics;
  • decision making;
  • health economics;
  • experimental economics

Current Research Interests

Wengström’s current research investigates how people react to incentives and how they make decision under ambiguity.

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“A hardhitting economic sociology would attempt to draw on the best of sociology and economics, and to unite interests and social relations in one and the same analysis.”— Richard Swedberg