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Sociology of Finance Working Group

The Sociology of Finance working group aims to advance understanding of the sociological foundations of the modern financial system. In particular, we bring together like-minded scholars—including faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students—to uncover and examine the mechanisms shaping how the complex and interdependent financial system functions. We currently have projects focused on the role of confidence in the financial system, the changing institutional structure of financial markets, the emergence of governance structures within the complex shadow banking system, and the role of bureaucracy in determining financial market development.

todd bridges graduate students

Richard Swedberg, Professor of Sociology at Cornell University, and Todd Arthur Bridges, Research Fellow at CSES, founded the working group in the Spring of 2012. The goals of this CSES working group are to advance research in the sociology of finance by: 1) bringing together the community of scholars in economic sociology at Cornell University; 2) developing theoretically lead empirical projects with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students; and 3) hosting talks by the leading scholars in the sociology of finance and the economic sociology of financial markets.

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“A hardhitting economic sociology would attempt to draw on the best of sociology and economics, and to unite interests and social relations in one and the same analysis.”— Richard Swedberg