Working together to advance ideas for research in economic sociology

CSES organizes research around Labs. The Labs provide an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to work together through regular meetings to advance ideas for research, present research in progress, and discuss topics of interest.


Economic Sociology Lab

The Lab is directed by Victor Nee with the aim to develop a network-and-institutions approach in economic sociology. The research activity of the Lab centers on theory-driven empirical research examining the interplay of social networks and institutions on economic performance. The Lab provides a workshop environment enabling and guiding independent and collaborative research by students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty in advanced studies in economic sociology.

Social Dynamics Lab

This networks and computational sociology lab is directed by Michael Macy. Designed to study the interplay between network topology and the dynamics of social interaction, this Lab employs computational models, data from on-line networks, and laboratory experiments with human participants to advance understanding of the dynamics of complex social structures.

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“Actors do not behave or decide as atoms outside a social context ... Their attempts at purposive action are instead embedded in concrete, ongoing systems of social relations.”— Mark Granovetter