John Hopcroft

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Remaking the University and Economy in China – 4/8/24

The Symposium on “Remaking the University and Economy in China,” sponsored by the Center for the Study of Economy and Society at Cornell, features two distinguished speakers: John E. Hopcroft and Justin Yifu Lin. Hopcroft, a theoretical computer scientist and former Dean of Cornell’s Engineering School, with 30 years of experience in China, focuses on his work in reforming higher education in China, reflecting on successes and challenges. Lin, Professor of Economics at Peking University and former Chief Economist at the World Bank, explores China’s modernization, analyzing its implications for economics and offering insights for other developing nations.

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“[T]he challenge is to specify and explicate the social mechanisms determining the relationship between the informal social organization of close-knit groups and the formal rules of institutional structures.”— Victor Nee