5th Future of the Social Sciences Conference

February 25th, 2023

The Center for the Study of Economy and Society hosted its 5th “Future of the Social Sciences” conference on Saturday, February 25th in New York City. The series brings together like-minded social scientists for cross-disciplinary discussion about new work and trends that may influence the direction of the social sciences.

At this year’s conference, we explored new work on the exchange between the humanities and social science on the mind and AI, theory and prediction of the middle range, experiments in the social sciences, cumulative advantage and the Matthews Effect, immigration and climate change, novel methods of studying the dynamics of behavioral traces and multiple triangulation in the study of social behavior.

Videos of the presentations will be shared on our YouTube channel in the weeks following the event.  A complete program can be found here and a list of participants below:


  • Laurent Dubreuil, Professor of Comparative Literature, Romance Studies and Cognitive Science, Cornell University
  • Delia Baldassarri, CSES Fellow; Professor of Sociology, New York University
  • Filiz Garip, CSES Fellow; Professor of Sociology, Princeton University
  • Victor Nee, CSES Fellow; the Frank and Rosa Rhodes Professor of Economic Sociology, and CSES Director (on sabbatical leave from Cornell University 2022-23)
  • John Padgett, CSES Fellow; Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
  • David Strang, Professor of Sociology and CSES Acting Director 2022-23, Cornell University
  • Arnout van de Rijt, CSES Fellow; Professor of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, Florence
  • Sirui Wang, Graduate Student, Wharton School and McKinsey Consulting
  • Duncan Watts, CSES Fellow; the Stevens University Professor and twenty-third Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Cristobal Young, Associate Professor of Sociology, Cornell University

CSES Fellows

  • Paul DiMaggio, Professor of Sociology, New York University
  • Barnaby Marsh, Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University


  • Brett de Bary, Professor of Comparative Literature, Modern Japanese Literature and Asian Studies, Emerita, Cornell University
  • Maurizio Catino, Professor of Sociology, University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Laurent Ferri, Curator and Adjunct Associate Professor, Cornell University
  • Barum Park, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Cornell University
  • Patricia Young, Program Manager, Institute for European Studies, Cornell University
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“[T]he challenge is to specify and explicate the social mechanisms determining the relationship between the informal social organization of close-knit groups and the formal rules of institutional structures.”— Victor Nee