Workshop on Theory, Prediction, and Confirmation

The Center for the Study of Economy and Society is sponsoring a workshop on Theory, Prediction, and Confirmation on Saturday, February 10th at the ILR Conference Center in New York City and via Zoom. A reception and dinner will follow. The complete program for the workshop can be found here.


  • Delia Baldassarri, New York University
  • Yang Cao, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Karen Cook, Stanford University
  • Daniel DellaPosta, Penn State University
  • Paul DiMaggio, New York University
  • Diego Gambetta, Collegio Carlo Alberto
  • Hakan J. Holm, Lund University School of Economics and Business
  • Siegwart Lindenberg, Universitiy of Tilburg
  • Michael Macy, Cornell University
  • Barnaby Marsh, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Victor Nee, Cornell University
  • Barum Park, Cornell University
  • Arnout van de Rijt, European University Institute
  • Sirui Wang, McKinsey Consulting and Fellow of CSES
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“A hardhitting economic sociology would attempt to draw on the best of sociology and economics, and to unite interests and social relations in one and the same analysis.”— Richard Swedberg